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Usage Information

This document offers a summary of the optional user data that gathers, its role in enhancing the our platform, and the steps for developers to opt-out from this feature.


At, our aim is to deliver an unparalleled experience for developers on our platform. To achieve this, we gather non-personal and non-intrusive data to gain a better insight into how users interact with Rig.


Being an open-source platform, thrives on tight-knit interactions with our community, aiming to consistently offer the best experience for all users.

While platforms like Discord, GitHub issues and discussions, and occasional one-on-one interactions offer us some understanding of developer usage and common issues, these methods alone aren't sufficient for understanding the complete picture, particularly concerning usage in real environments.

By collecting these metrics, we gain insights into various aspects such as:

  • Which operating system is predominant among developers?
  • Which Rig version is in use?
  • Are there Admin features that remain largely unexplored by our community?
  • Are new releases more or less stable than previous?

Backend Telemetry

This section covers what data is collected in the backend and how to opt out of it.

Collected metrics in the Backend

The following metrics are being collected on your backend:

  • Admin API requests
  • Admin username and/or email
  • Installation ID
  • API errors for Admin API requests

How to Opt Out

Should you wish to opt out of data collection, you can achieve this by setting the following environment variable to true:


Alternatively, add the following to your sever-config.yaml file:

enabled: false