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Container Registries

By default, the Rig Platform can use Container Images any public Container Repositories. For example, when creating a new Build using the repository nginx, the Rig Platform will be able to resolve this at registry

Private Repositories

Then a Container Repository is private, Authentication for the Container Registry needs to be added to the Rig Platform.

This is done through the Container Registry tab within the Project Settings.

For Container Registries registered in the Rig Platform, image-pull-secrets will automatically be generated for the Capsules that uses builds from these registries.


Let's imagine that we have the private Container Repository, that we want to use in a Capsule.

First, we need the registry section of the repository, which is the host part of the url;

Then, using the guide for this registry, available here, we can see that we can create a new token for our account.

When created, the username and token can be used to register the registry in the Rig Platform:

Stages of a Rollout
Stages of a Rollout

With this change, the Rig Platform can now generate the image-pull-secrets needed to pull the container.

Dev Registry

The Rig Platform supports the concept of a dev registry. This registry is used by the CLI when interacting with the platform, to push images directly to a registry, an operation very useful for development.

When starting a local dev cluster (using the rig dev ... CLI command), a dev registry is automatically created and registered.

When running the command rig capsule deploy, you can access local images and have them automatically pushed to the dev registry as part of deploying the local image:

$ rig capsule deploy -c webserver
Deploy from docker image or existing rig build? Image
Use a local image?
Select image:
Filter: nginx

Image name Age
▸ nginx:latest | 7d 23h |
nginx:1.25.1 | 98d 8h |
nginx:1.25.0 | 143d 4h |