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Builds are a shallow abstraction on top of Container Images.

To create a new build, simply insert the container image and click "Create build". The platform will validate the build against the Container Registry, defaulting to if omitted.

If the build fails due to an Authentication error and the Container Registry is private, be sure to check if Authentication is configured for the Container Registry. See Container Registries for more information.

Validation Skip

If the Rig Platform cannot access the Container Registry for some reason, the validation step can be omitted.


To deploy a build, simply click the Deploy button for the given build. That will initiate a new Rollout, upgrading the instances to this build.


A Build, when being validated, captures the underlying Image Digest of the Container Image. By capturing this reference, Rig ensure that a Build always point to the same reference of the image. If a Container Image becomes available with the same tag, simply create a new Build using the same Image name and tag, and a new Build will be created with the new Image Digest.