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GitOps has become a popular way of managing changes to kubernetes cluster resources. If you want to know more about gitops, head over to weaveworks and read about it


We have prepared a small demo repository which show cases how rig can be deployed using Flux. Head over to Github to explore the repo:


We are working on an equivalent example as we have for flux with regards to how to setup rig in a GitOps setting.

GitOps for rig-platform resource changes

The rig platform has experimental support for committing the changes it does to Kubernetes resources to a git repository, instead of actually doing the changes against the kubernetes APIs. This can be paired with flux or argocd, to have the rig-platform tied well into your existing GitOps workflow.

In order to enable the git write back feature, set the following helm values when installing the rig-platform chart:

url: <git-repo-url>
branch: <git-branch>
path_prefix: <path-in-git-repo>
username: <username>
password: <password>
# Or the following if using SSH instead of basic auth
# ssh:
# private_key: <pem-encoded-private-key>
# private_key_password: <optional-private-key-password>

This will make rig-platform commit yaml into the folder denoted by rig.cluster.git.path_prefix. You will need to ensure that your gitops tool of choice is setup to include the given folder in the cluster where you want the resources. The flux example is setup to include the apps/demo folder.


  • Currently rig-platform will not take ownership of existing resources in the GitOps repo. This is something we are looking into in order to enable seamless migrations and disaster recovery.
  • We want to explore is the option of having rig make PRs with it's changes, so that they can take part in a regular git approval flow.
  • We currently only support configuring one repository, but we plan to lift the concept to rig-platform projects at some point.