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Rig comes with a deployment engine that wraps resources in what we call Capsules. This is our top level abstraction, and the main way you will interact with Rig. Each capsule specifies (in most cases) a single service, and handles the creation and configuration of the kubernetes reasources needed to deploy and run it.

In short, a capsule contains:

  • Builds as an immutable abstraction of containerized services.
  • Kubernetes resources, such as services, config-files, secrets etc. used to run and scale the capsule.
  • A complete history of changes made to the capsule, and the ability to rollback to any previous state.
  • An event log of the state of capsules and the their instances.
  • An autoscaler to ensure that the capsule is scaled to the required number of replicas.

To see the complete specification of a capsule, see the Capsule Spec.